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Escort SQL Comments

"The use of Escort and an incremental migration approach reduces the conversion effort to a relatively low 534 man days from the original estimate of 8,205 man days before considering Escort SQL."
--Tandem Project Mgr - Prospect Conversion Study

"Before hearing about Escort SQL, we asked a consulting company to estimate the cost and effort of converting our application to SQL. We know that Escort SQL is saving us over 80% of the cost of a hand conversion."
--President - Current Escort SQL user

"Versus a hand conversion to SQL, Escort SQL is saving us Millions of dollars and 2 - 3 years in time to market with the SQL version of our application"
--Product Marketing - Current Escort SQL user

"Escort SQL's incremental migration approach allows us to reduce our risk of converting to SQL and to do it at light-speed compared to any other option"
--VP Development - Current Escort SQL user

"In a period of less than 4 hours, we were able to install Escort SQL, map our Name Index record to a SQL table, convert it and access it using our existing Enscribe chain chase program"
--Project Manager, during Escort SQL software evaluation

Escort Ranger Comments

"Using Escort Ranger, we are now able to balance our database in minutes where before it was taking our operations people, more than 2 hours to complete."
--Director Operations, US Securities Firm

"We have been so thrilled with the quality of Carr Scott's Ranger product, we are now implementing more of their technology, specifically their Escort SQL product for upgrading our Enscribe files and programs to NonStop SQL. These are products that live up to their outstanding reputation."
--VP Data Processing, US Financial Institution

"Ranger and the other Carr Scott products [AutoTMF and Escort SQL], make our solutions more attractive in the market. Carr Scott Software is the pinnacle for partnering and for providing us with extremely high quality enabling technology which we use to benefit our collective customers."
--President & CEO, Independent Software Vendor

AutoTMF & AutoSYNC Comments

"We were initially very skeptical that AutoTMF would work in our extreme processing environment or with our custom software. After thorough stress testing, the decision to move forward using AutoTMF (and RDF) was a simple one which we have never had any reason to regret."
--VP Development, Solutions Provider

"It is rare that a technology or company receive the universal approval and acceptance which the Carr Scott products [AutoTMF and AutoSYNC] have managed to achieve in our large and diverse organization."
--Project Manager, European Financial Organization

"Using AutoSYNC we were able to successfully upgrade a K-series system to a new S-series system, where we had previously failed the migration (twice). AutoSYNC's set-it-and-forget-it environment allowed us to ensure that all our files were actually on the new system when we cut over, with no loss of data. I only wish we had used AutoSYNC from the very beginning; it would have saved us even more time and money. I highly recommend the product."
--Director, Tandem Systems - UK Financial Services Company

"While our initial intent for using AutoTMF was to enable reliable disaster recovery, we are jazzed about the performance improvements we have seen as a result of implementing TMF. I can't believe we waited all these years to implement TMF and thanks to AutoTMF, we didn't have to change our programs to do it."
--General Manager, Service Bureau

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