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Escort SQL FAQ
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"Using AutoSYNC we were able to successfully upgrade a K-series system to a new S-series system, where we had previously failed the migration (twice). AutoSYNC's set-it-and-forget-it environment allowed us to ensure that all our files were actually on the new system when we cut over, with no loss of data. I only wish we had used AutoSYNC from the very beginning; it would have saved us even more time and money. I highly recommend the product."
Director, Tandem Systems - UK Financial Services Company

"While our initial intent for using AutoTMF was to enable reliable disaster recovery, we are jazzed about the performance improvements we have seen as a result of implementing TMF. I can't believe we waited all these years to implement TMF and thanks to AutoTMF, we didn't have to change our programs to do it."
General Manager, Service Bureau

Non-Emergency Support
Emergency Support
Downloading Software & Exchanging Files
Sales/Licensing/Management Issues
Training and Carr Scott On-site Assistance

Carr Scott Software is committed to providing the best support in the industry. We hope you are thrilled with your use of the Carr Scott Software family of products and we will continue to work to ensure that is true.

Non-Emergency Support
For new normal (non-emergency) support questions, problems, etc., please send an email to [support AT CarrScott.com] A member of our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you or someone from your staff have been working directly with someone in our support or development groups on an issue, you should feel free to contact them directly (we never want to interfere with direct communication) but, for new requests or if the normal contact is unavailable, click here to send a message to which will ensure someone is addressing your request.

Emergency Support
For emergency support (system down type failures), please follow the procedures provided to your management (each customer has been provided emergency telephone and email contact information appropriate to their country, region).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

To aid in your research of previously asked questions and available fixes, we have created the following, product-by-product, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages:

Escort SQL FAQ
Escort Ranger FAQ
Escort Journaling FAQ

Downloading Software & Exchanging Files:
To ensure the fastest possible turn around times, Carr Scott Software utilizes secure FTP directories on our website to send and receive information with our clients.

Sales/Licensing/Management Issues:
For general information about Carr Scott products, send your inquiry to [info AT carrscott.com].

If you have licensed our products directly from us and need licensing or other non-technical assistance, please send an email to either [license.manager AT carrscott.com] or [sales AT carrscott.com] as appropriate. Click here for a price quote or if you are new to Escort SQL, please complete our Escort SQL first time user's form to help us better support your efforts

If you have licensed the products through one of our partners (i.e., HP or 3rd party solution provider) please contact their licensing department directly. For HP, contact your local support representative or send an email to [license.manager AT carrscott.com].

For licensing questions / issues, please include the product name (i.e., Escort SQL, AutoTMF, etc.), NSK system serial number of your system requiring a license (i.e., #12345), system type (i.e., S74,000), duration of the license needed (i.e., DR testing 7 day license, etc.) and contact information for any other questions we or our distributor may have.

When in doubt about who to contact, send an email to [info AT carrscott.com] and we will make sure that your needs are addressed.

Training & Carr Scott On-Site Assistance
Where possible, Carr Scott Software or one of our trained implementers, can arrange to visit your site to perform initial software installation and training to ensure that your use of our products get off to a positive start. Please send an email to [support AT carrscott.com] to discuss scheduling and fees or visit our Distributors page for information about our implementers

Please also visit our training pages for more information about our training programs.

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