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"Versus a hand conversion to SQL, Escort SQL is saving us Millions of dollars and 2 - 3 years in time to market with the SQL version of our application"
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Current Escort SQL user

"The use of Escort and an incremental migration approach reduces the conversion effort to a relatively low 534 man days from the original estimate of 8,205 man days before considering Escort SQL."
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Escort SQL Breaking News
“Effective 24 December 2013 - comForte has acquired the Escort suite of products from Carr Scott Software. Details of the transaction can be found here, and more information about the products can be found here

While Carr Scott Software remains actively involved with the support of these products, primary sales/marketing has shifted to comForte. For further information, please Contact comForte here

Everywhere you turn, experts talk about heterogeneous data access, data marts, data warehouses and using products like Microsoft Access, CrystalReports and Oracle to access your data. Unfortunately for most HP NonStop server customers, this has been possible "only in their dreams" because their data is stored in Enscribe files. This is also true for their programs that are written for Enscribe and cannot be converted to a relational database, such as NonStop SQL, without rewriting them from the ground up. At least, not until now!

Escort SQL converts Enscribe applications and files to the NonStop SQL industry standard relational database, without requiring any changes to existing programs (i.e. no source code changes or even recompiles are necessary). Users get all the benefits of having done a hand conversion to SQL without the work, time or risk involved.

Rapid, Bulletproof Incremental Conversion

Escort SQL is literally the fastest, lowest cost and lowest risk method for converting applications and data from Enscribe to SQL.

  • No need to rewrite your programs to convert to SQL. Convert to SQL in weeks, not years!
  • Use Escort SQL to shorten legacy system development times. Ex: Change a field definition from YYMMDD to YYYYMMDD and recompile only the programs that need the new definition!
  • Deploy third party ODBC and JDBC tools, such as Microsoft Access, LOTUS Notes and 100's of other commercially available products
  • An Escort SQL migration converts the legacy system in small, manageable and quick increments. Migrate the database one file at a time to SQL, with no reprogramming. Migrate the application one program at a time to native SQL

How Escort SQL Works In Two Easy Steps

Step One: File Conversion and Loading:
In many cases, today's Enscribe files were not originally designed as the "clean", normalized databases that we all would prefer. Escort SQL gives you a second chance to change all those things you don't like about your existing files in the process of converting them to SQL. Expand or eliminate fields. Reformat compressed data (i.e. an example is dates with current YYMMDD or other formats being expanded into fully millennium compliant dates). Most important, is the normalization of redefines or variants in existing Enscribe files into normalized SQL tables (i.e. Escort SQL allows normalization of one Enscribe file to any number of SQL tables - this is a database design issue of what you want and Escort SQL does not place any unnecessary limits on what you can do). The end result is SQL tables that are designed to support your business now and into the future. Our high-speed parallel database loader loads the existing Enscribe data into the new SQL tables very efficiently, using all the rules you have supplied about how the data is to be transformed. Once your production data is loaded into the tables, these same transformation routines will be used at runtime to successfully READ and WRITE the data.

Step Two: ENSCRIBE/SQL Emulation
The second part of what Escort SQL does is provide what can be thought of as an Enscribe API for SQL. What does that mean? Specifically, your Enscribe programs can execute unchanged against either Enscribe files or SQL tables (i.e. assuming that you have supplied to Escort SQL the rules for doing the data transformations, which is done as part of the database design/loading phase). If Escort SQL has successfully loaded the data into the SQL tables, we will be able to perform all the Enscribe operations that your programs will execute (i.e. this is because your production database is a history of all the operations that your programs have done - that's how the data got into the database in the first place!). When an Enscribe programs requests to open a file, Escort SQL will detect when your programs attempt an Enscribe operation against a SQL table. When that happens, Escort SQL kicks into action. From that point on, Escort SQL will do all I/O to that file on behalf of that program. As mentioned before, the program can't tell that the file(s) have been changed to SQL. This means you can change one file to SQL or change them all.

With Escort SQL Database Gateway Technology, You Can Do All Of This!

Application Preparation Features
Automated process; no re-programming
Object files only; no source required
No changes to program logic
No privileged code; standard security
Uses only published interfaces
Full Enscribe emulation
One-time preparation, requires only seconds per program

Database Migration Features
Eliminate Enscribe one file at a time
Avoid the risk of a big-bang database conversion
Applications access migrated SQL tables immediately
Convert legacy data formats to standard SQL
Convert to a Year 2000-compliant database
Convert legacy records to relational/normalized form
Performance as good as hand coded replacement of Enscribe calls with SQL statements

Hybrid Applications Features
Use both Enscribe (via Escort SQL) and compiled SQL to access same SQL table in a program
Implement new functions or performance enhancements
Replace record-by-record I/O with SQL set operations
Incremental source conversion to embedded SQL

Native SQL Application and Database Features
Eliminate Enscribe one program at a time
Avoid the risk of a big-bang application conversion
Gateway retired when conversion is complete

Read what other experts have to say!
There are a number of very good papers available via the internet on migrating legacy systems. Links to two  which we think are particularly good can be found below:

Migrating to Scalable Environments - DM Review Magazine - By Ken Rudin
Migrating to Scalable Environments (Part 1)
Migrating to Scalable Environments: The Technique (Part 2)
Quote from Part 2 above: “Gateways can sometimes be expensive to build or buy, and sometimes they will even become obsolete once the entire application is migrated. But, from real-world experience, they are the only feasible approach. They allow you to incrementally migrate an application, which greatly reduces your risk.”

Migrating Legacy Systems: Gateways, Interfaces & the Incremental Approach by M. Brodie and M. Stonebraker
This is the ultimate text on migrating legacy applications but unfortunately it is out of print. The table of contents can be found at: Migrating Legacy Systems - Table of Contents  From time to time we are able to acquire copies of this text and if you would like to receive one, send us an email

For an earlier, somewhat scholarly paper on the same subject by Brodie and Stonebraker see DARWIN: On the Incremental Migration of Legacy Information Systems


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