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Automatic NonStop SQL DDL Replication
using NonStop SDR

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HP NonStop server systems are the most reliable, available, scalable enterprise capable computer servers in the market today. With the addition of HP NonStop RDF (remote database facility), the reliability and availability is extended to extremely high levels.

RDF maintains a logically replicated database on one or more backup systems by monitoring changes made to audited tables and files on designated primary system volumes and applying those changes to corresponding volumes on the backup system. Once installed and configured, RDF is designed to be efficient and invisible. It automatically replicates all primary database changes to a backup database with no extra effort required by the application designers or system operators.

A challenge for customers using RDF is to keep multiple copies of a database in synch when the structure of NonStop SQL tables change.

Should a user drop or create a table, add a column, move, add or delete a partition or make other structural changes to a NonStop SQL table, these DDL (Data Definition Language) changes are not replicated to the backup system. Instead, a person today must repeat the same sequence of commands on the remote systems in order for database replication to continue.

Coordination of the DDL changes on the backup system is critical and complicated. RDF documentation describes a nine step process, including stopping the primary system applications, TMF and RDF before performing the DDL changes on the primary system.

Is there a need for SQL DDL Replication?

Today, when RDF encounters a physical change that has occurred to a NonStop SQL table, it suspends replication (or at least application of the database changes) waiting for a person to make the required physical database changes on the destination system(s).

With the invention of NonStop SDR (SQL DDL Replication) - NonStop becomes non-stop once again!

NonStop SDR replicates the SQL/MP DDL operations that are not currently replicated by RDF. It works very closely with RDF to ensure that data replication and DDL replication operations are performed in the right sequence; this guarantees the backup database is logically the same as the primary database. Like RDF, SDR operates efficiently and invisibly, requiring no operator intervention.

Sold and supported worldwide by HP.

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