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"Using Escort RANGER, we are now able to balance our database in minutes where before it was taking our operations people, more than 2 hours to complete."
Director Operations, US Securities Firm

"We have been so thrilled with the quality of Carr Scott's Ranger product, we are now implementing more of their technology, specifically their EscortSQL product for upgrading our Enscribe files and programs to NonStop SQL. These are products that live up to their outstanding reputation."
VP Data Processing, US Financial Institution

Escort Ranger Breaking News
“Effective 24 December 2013 - comForte has acquired the Escort suite of products from Carr Scott Software. Details of the transaction can be found here, and more information about the products can be found here

While Carr Scott Software remains actively involved with the support of these products, primary sales/marketing has shifted to comForte. For further information, please Contact comForte here


  • Determines optimal file partitioning ranges for Enscribe files and NonStop SQL tables
  • Balances data evenly across multiple disk partitions
  • Enhances Tandem NonStop system performance
  • Improves manageability of batch processing applications
  • Boosts productivity of operations staff

A Sure Thing
In today's volatile and increasingly competitive business environment, every successful company can count on one thing for sure - the competition will never let up. To stay out in front, every process and every system must be in top working order.

This means that getting the most out of your Tandem NonStop systems has never been more important. And if you store critical data in Enscribe files and NonStop SQL tables, that's just what Escort Ranger from Carr Scott Software can help you do. Escort Ranger quickly and efficiently analyzes both Enscribe files and NonStop SQL tables to determine the optimal file partitioning ranges. It also supplies information to your programs to increase application parallelization.

The result? Data is balanced more quickly and easily across multiple disk partitions, giving you enhanced application performance, greater manageability of batch processing jobs, and reduced need for costly hardware upgrades.

A picture is worth…
Without Escort Ranger, normal application activity can cause the data environment to become unbalanced over time. Uneven distribution of data across partitions results in poor overall application performance.

With Escort Ranger, a single command gives you all the information (and commands) you need to rebalance your data environment. Distributing the data more evenly means the program executes more evenly, especially in the case of batch applications. It takes only seconds to run Escort Ranger, so your operations staff saves time while you ensure that you're getting the most out of your Tandem systems.

Need More Performance From Your Database Applications?
Escort Ranger from Carr Scott Software helps you take full advantage of the unique parallelism of your Tandem NonStop systems.

Support for high-speed NSK application processing Many applications written for Tandem NonStop systems fail to take advantage of the platform's unique parallel architecture. For example, a common approach to implementing parallelism is to partition the data and have each of multiple copies of the program process its own partition. This approach can lead to uneven processing times and lost batch cycle efficiencies.

By contrast, the "range" feature of Escort Ranger gives programs the information they need to execute parallel programs quickly and efficiently. You specify how many copies of the program you intend to run, and Escort Ranger provides an even number of records for each program to handle. The result is more uniform processing and dramatically better system utilization.

By balancing the data across database partitions, Escort Ranger helps decrease batch cycle times and improves utilization of the Tandem NonStop system.

And by the way If you're ready to make the move from Enscribe to NonStop SQL, check out the popular EscortSQL product from Carr Scott Software. EscortSQL converts Enscribe applications and files to a NonStop SQL/MP database without requiring any change to existing programs.

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