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May 19, 2001
Release from: Brown & Company

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In 42 days, Brown & Company Securities Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, was able to upgrade the most demanding parts of our 3rd party brokerage application from a non-audited Enscribe environment to a TMF protected NonStop SQL database environment and implement full disaster recovery using Compaq's Remote Database Facility (RDF) software (with a less than 7 minute fail-over), without any changes to the application. This amazing transformation was made possible by the outstanding products from Carr Scott Software: Escort SQL and Escort Ranger, and Compaq: RDF, NonStop SQL, NonStop Transaction Manager (TM/MP) a.k.a. TMF, NonStop AutoTMF, and NonStop AutoSYNC.

We at Brown & Company were initially very skeptical that the application could be upgraded without modification because of the non-standard features the 3rd party brokerage application used in building the system and the performance demands that our transaction loads require of the system. As a result of the upgrade to TMF and NonStop SQL, our applications are running better than ever (we have reduced hours from our batch cycle and increased online performance) and we have positioned Brown & Company to quickly recover from any unplanned outages further solidifying our commitment to our customers.

As a result of replacing our Enscribe files with NonStop SQL structures (thanks to Escort SQL), we are now able to leverage the investment Compaq is making which enable the Himalaya systems as an open data and transaction engine, especially with the availability of Enterprise Java Beans, XML, SOAP and all the other industry standard access methods available to users of NonStop SQL. We view having our data accessible via industry standards as a critical building block, the foundation of our Zero Latency Enterprise (ZLE) initiative, which will ensure our competitive success in the future.

We at Brown & Company are fully supportive of Compaq's plans to implement the Indestructible Scalable Computing (ISC) architecture that will allow Himalaya based applications to never have any downtime of any kind in the future. Given the direction of our industry [Finance] toward 24 hour trading, Transaction plus one day (T+1) settlement, Straight Through Processing (STP), and our drive to be 1st in customer service and market position, it was critical for Brown & Company to be adopting the central products in Compaq's plans to implement ISC (i.e., NonStop SQL and RDF).

Our mission at Brown & Company is to leverage best-of-breed solutions to enable superior functionality / availability to our customers and users and to create outstanding value for our shareholders. The products, services and people from Carr Scott Software and Compaq have exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable.

Robert S. Cline
VP of Technology and
Director, NonStop Systems and Operations
Brown & Company Securities Corporation

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