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Evaluation Program Instructions
Downloading software and exchanging files
Escort SQL evaluation special instructions
Escort SQL training and  on-site assistance
Downloading and Installing ESCZIP
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Thank you for inquiring about the Carr Scott Software, product evaluation program.
We provide free, on-site evaluations of our Escort SQL, Journaling and Ranger products.

If you are interested in an evaluation of NonStop AutoTMF, NonStop AutoSYNC or NonStop SDR, evaluations are available through HP in most countries worldwide. Please contact your HP representative for evaluation of these products or contact us with your information and that of your HP rep and we will coordinate this with HP.

In order to complete your request for Escort SQL, Journaling or Ranger, we will need you to complete our mutual non-disclosure and software evaluation agreements and if interested in Escort SQL, please complete our Escort SQL first time user questionnaire.

The above agreements can be completed on-screen and then copies printed for signature.
Please note: These agreements must be signed by an authorized representative which Hewlett Packard® acknowledges as a valid signature for similar HP agreements.

One copy of each form should be faxed to:
+1 781.934.8996 (Attn: Contracts Administration)

Should you require original copies for your own files, please print and sign two (2) of each and send to the address below for counter signature (one will be returned for your records).

Attn: Contracts Administration
Carr Scott Software Incorporated
5 Windy Hill Lane
Duxbury, MA 02332 USA
Tel: 781.934.0989 (required for express carriers)

Evaluation Program Instructions
As the old adage goes, "seeing is believing". This is why we have created the Escort On-site Evaluation program. This program allows you to try our products (Escort SQL, Journaling and RANGER) in your environment, using your programs and files, for a period of 30 days.

To ensure that we can support your efforts and help you have a successful evaluation, there are a few things that need to happen:

  • Execute mutual non-disclosure and software evaluation agreements (see instructions above)

  • Download the software to your system

  • For an Escort SQL evaluation, collect supporting information about your Enscribe data

Collecting Information for Escort SQL Evaluations
In order to prepare for your Escort SQL evaluation, we will need the following information:

  • The DDL definition of the records, including the description of the alternate keys that you plan to convert during the evaluation.

  • Some sample data for each of the files. A few hundred records are generally enough and please do not send sensitive, production data.

  • If there are redefinitions in the files, we need to know which field in the record is used to determine which of the redefinitions applies to the current record (something like the record type field)

  • A FUP INFO DETAIL listing for each of the files and their alternate keys.

Once you have gathered the files described above, you can simply PAK the files and upload the resulting archive to the carrscott.com ftp site as described in the following paragraph.

Exchanging Files

We will exchange files using ftp. To this end, each of our customer has access to a private directory on our carrscott.com web site. This directory is created as soon as the nondisclosure and evaluation agreements are in place between our companies. Once it is created, we will send you a unique User ID and Password that will allow you to access this private directory.

You can connect to your ftp directory from a browser or using the ftp utility of your choice. If you use a browser, the format of the command to enter in the location window will be similar to: ftp://userid:password@carrscott.com

Once you have verified that you can access your directory, you can upload the pak file containing the files we have requested for the evaluation and notify us that the data is available for our viewing. Likewise, we will place a copy of the appropriate Escort software and documentation in that location, which you can download at your convenience.

Please contact us if you have any questions about all this procedure.

Escort SQL Training and On-Site Assistance

Where possible, Carr Scott Software can arrange to visit your site to perform the initial software installation and hold a mini-training session to ensure that your Escort SQL on-site evaluation gets off to a positive start. Please contact the Carr Scott support team via email at to discuss scheduling and fees.

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