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Nonstop AutoSYNC provides automatic replication, distribution
and synchronization of your applications environment
and other non-database files.


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NonStop AutoSYNC Product Features
  • Flexible scheduling of automatic synchronization
  • Manual synchronization for ad hoc file transfer
  • Data compression for remote synchronization
  • Flexible options to control file access security, file purging, archiving of replaced files
  • Management of multiple users with appropriate file security control
  • Reliable: Uses NonStop technology to continue replication despite CPU failure
  • Scalable: Parallelizes processing load
  • Expand and TCP/IP for maximum flexibility
  • Specially enhanced for system migrations
    (i.e., K to S-series or S to Itanium)
  • Replicate full systems including databases

NonStop AutoSYNC Synchronizes All These File Types

  • Edit
  • Object
  • Source
  • Pathway Control
  • Macros
  • Special usage files
  • OSS files
  • SQL tables
  • Message files
  • BLOBs
  • Report files
  • Batch Command
  • Startup
  • Partitioned files
  • Audited &
    non-audited files
  • Sold and supported worldwide by HP

Real-time replication of your databases for disaster protection isn’t enough to ensure uninterrupted operations. For seamless, reliable operations, you need your entire, current, application environment replicated across your NonStop systems. This is exactly why HP brought to market, AutoSYNC (aka HP's NonStop AutoSYNC).

AutoSYNC software works by monitoring and replicating customer-selected files when an updated version on the ‘source’ system becomes available. Virtually all file types are supported, including: structured (audited and non-audited), unstructured, NonStop SQL tables, partitioned files, Edit files, OSS files...

Support for System Migration and Upgrades
NonStop AutoSYNC software can be used for the initial transfer of an existing system environment to a new system without tape and even while the existing system is running. Capture an initial snapshot of your databases plus all of the associated application and environment files needed for system startup. During the new system burn-in period, AutoSYNC can continue to replicate your more static files, while NonStop RDF will ensure that the database files are ready for cutover to the new system. AutoSYNC also supports TCP/IP communications between systems, enabling exact replacement of systems, which can be extremely helpful for system migrations. For example: replacing a K-series system named \PROD with a new S-series system also named \PROD can eliminate many of the operational issues in system migrations such as re-SQLCOMPing applications.

Partner to Database Replication Products

NonStop AutoSYNC complements HP's NonStop RDF and other disaster recovery products. Use AutoSYNC to replicate files, such as object, Edit, configuration and other files.

Managing mission critical systems requires precise coordination of your applications environments. Distribution of source and object files is only the beginning. Ensuring that correct versions of Macro, Obey and Pathway control files ensure that you can bring up the applications in the proper environments. Replication and synchronization of these environments is precisely the focus of AutoSYNC. AutoSYNC allows HP NonStop server customers to replicate files that are necessary for the remote systems and it will ensure that they are in place on the remote systems when needed.

AutoSYNC provides automatic software distribution for HP NonStop server systems. Use AutoSYNC to distribute unaudited files, such as object, edit, configuration and other files.

Whether you need to provide complete disaster recovery support or software distribution for your Nonstop server systems, AutoSYNC provides a vital link in ensuring your systems are prepared for your business.

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