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Founded in 1995 as a spin-off company from Tandem Computers, founders Dr. Richard Carr and Harry Scott have created a company dedicated to the development and delivery of enabling technology for the HP NonStop  servers (a.k.a. Tandem) systems.

While Carr Scott Software is a separate company (no outside ownership by HP or others) there are strong technology sharing agreements in place that strengthen both organizations. Carr Scott Software's main research & development and support groups are co-located in HP's Nonstop Enterprise Division in the Cupertino California campus and HP provides worldwide distribution and support for a number of Carr Scott Software's products.

More than 300 of HP's NonStop server customers world-wide rely on Carr Scott Software's products in many industries ranging from banks and brokerages, the emergency services, retail, hospitality/gaming/travel and many, many others.

Carr Scott Software is 100% focused on enabling software for the HP NonStop server platform. Our customers are end-users and 3rd party software providers, many of which embed our technology into their solutions.

We work every day to ensure that all of our customers are so pleased with our products and services that they can't help but tell others about us!

The company is represented in two key locations in the United States: California and Massachusetts.

Headquarters and Sales
Carr Scott Software Inc.
5 Windy Hill Lane
Duxbury, MA 02332
Contact: Harry Scott
+1 (781) 934-0989 tel
+1 (781) 934-8996 fax
Research & Development Center
Carr Scott Software Inc.
19333 Vallco Parkway
CAC03:031103 View Map
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA
Contact: Johanne Corbeil, Support Manager
+1 (408) 285-6955 tel

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Trademark Information
AutoSYNC, AutoTMF, AutoTMF, Escort SQL, Escort Ranger, Escort Journaling and the Carr Scott Software logo are trademarks of Carr Scott Software Incorporated. All other trademarks are owned by the respective companies .


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